Commercial & Residential    Licensed & Insured     HIC# 0622883



Action Pave LP is an eco-friendly alternative to using coal tar-based sealer. 

  • Extends asphalt pavement life
  • Provides a new, rich, black color
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to refined tar
  • Fast drying and curing

This innovative product provides the same luster and strength as coal tar-based sealer with almost 85% less total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

Spec+Plus crack filling rubber is reinforced with UV inhibitors to prevent degrading in sunlight and will keep moisture out, providing maximum pavement protection even during the severe stress of freeze/thaw cycles.

Armorflex is a water-based epoxy latex additive designed as a fortifier for pavement sealers. When added to sealer it makes the dry coating blacker, tougher, and more resistant to higher traffic loads and scuffing.

Petrobond is an oil spot primer formulated to ensure adhesion of pavement sealer to oil, gas, grease and chemical stained areas on asphalt pavements.