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Protecting your pavement protects your investment.

The best way to extend the life of your driveway or parking lot is with proper maintenance and repair. We recommend sealcoating every 3-5 years -- depending on the frequency of automobile traffic and elements the asphalt is exposed to over time.

Routine sealcoating will increase its durability, as well as protect it from water erosion, UV rays, and other harmful elements.

 It's also imperative to treat cracks as they develop. If left untreated they will cause bigger and more expensive problems.

Crack Filling

Cracks allow moisture and harmful chemicals to seep into the pavement's base. This moisture expands and freezes which causes fatigue cracks and "alligatoring". The weakened base will lead to pot holes and drainage issues if not addressed.


Sealcoating prevents damage caused from environmental effects, petroleum products and harmful chemicals. Sealcoating not only shields pavement against the elements, it restores the rich, black-look of the original pavement.  

Pot Hole Repair

Potholes are an indication of structural pavement failure. These areas need to be saw cut, removed, and filled with hot mix asphalt. Asphalt repair preserves your pavement and protects it from excessive deterioration.

Safety Markings

Faded handicap pavement markings reduce safety and increase liability for property owners. We ensure your parking lot is compliant with the latest Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. 

Striping Services

Line striping and pavement markings ensure safe and efficient traffic flow. We offer new parking lot striping and re-striping services for existing lots. Crisply painted lines make a lasting impression on prospective clients and tenants.